How globalization will affect my future career

As a result, this leads to greater production, which means more goods available for consumers such as you and me. They contend these new careers will be reflected in a much larger array of career patterns that will be less linear and more fragmented, with more frequent transitions than in the twentieth century.

This reality puts those who lack motivation for learning, minimal training, and a high school diploma at the risk of being permanently dislocated or constantly on the verge of being unemployed. Who else could protect privacy yet guarantee free access to the networks that will enter virtually all homes and workplaces?

When each entity concentrates on what it is most suited to supply, those fortunate in their possession of natural resources, skills, and developed infrastructures admittedly enjoy advantages.

This depicts a harsh future on the relationship amongst countries if such sentiments are not rectified soon Preda As long as I keep myself up to pare with my education, talents, and a desire to work hard.

In the future, when analysts study a corporation, trying to measure its present condition and future potential, we can predict they will add one important new item for study to their conventional examination of balance sheets, profit and loss statements, market growth rates for the products, and Page 16 Share Cite Suggested Citation: The goals of many workers were to successfully advance up an organizational chart as far as their talents and luck would take them.

How might these changes affect, in turn, the way technological advances will affect the global economy? Rather, outsourcing and off-shoring are being combined. There is no need for me to worry about finding a job as long as I keep myself up on my education for the new world.

It has been widely chronicled that companies in the United States have shed large numbers of information-technology staffers, with many of these jobs being transferred to technology-rich facilities in Bangalore, Delhi, and other locations in India, where millions of world-class engineers, business and medical graduates, and other educated and competent persons are now participating in the U.

While many firms provide information about position vacancies, anticipated changes in work processes, and important skills, the expectation is that workers will be their own career managers, analyzing trends that will affect them, participating in lifelong learning, and committing themselves to engaging in the processes that will keep them employable.

Nations engaged in the global economy are constantly seeking comparative economic advantages by transforming their work organizations and processes through the use of advanced technologies, mergers, and consolidation of organizations; by expecting workers to constantly improve their skills; and by placing workforces in other nations with markets for products and services.

Markets that have been especially affected have been manufacturers of electronics, textiles, clothing and furniture.

Also, I will have access to better technology making it so tasks that were once large will become smaller. The true strength of the forces in the future will be increasingly manifested by sophisticated technology for command, communications, intelligence, and reconnaissance and for the launching and guidance of robotic air, ground, and sea weapons in a broad variety of forms.

Citation page Tay, Albert. They will provide useful analogies. Increased Standards Companies in foreign countries, particularly in the third world, have had to adopt a more Western standard in terms of providing better workplace safety and increasing workplace condition standards.

Labor Surplus and Skill Shortages Globalization effects have another, less discussed impact on careers.

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Just like the farmers that found new jobs when they quit farming, I will find new jobs as opportunities come and go. At present we see that the impact of advancing technology on the social-economic-political framework of the entire globe is growing rapidly, yet its implications are far from being adequately explored.

We can predict that the private corporate world will become an ever-stronger force for dissemination of advanced technology, causing dissemination to be faster, more complete, and ubiquitous.

They include the following: With the rapid advance of technology becoming a worldwide phenomenon, no one company, not even the largest, can hope to originate more than a small fraction of the evolving technology that will be key to preserving its position.

They must constantly adapt to change and develop new skills that corporations are willing to purchase on a temporary basis or that outsourcing firms can purchase to subcontract to other organizations. In this globalized world we must have higher education.

References 2 Working Nation: It is important to acknowledge that individual development in most nations and in many organizations is no longer linear, predictable, long-term, or secure. Transferring jobs to other nations and immigration of well-trained persons affect which jobs are available and the competition for those jobs—and this, in turn, changes the career pathways available to citizens in the country from which the jobs were removed and also in the country that receives the jobs.

The number of damaging bombs from a first strike surviving to arrive on target, then, would be a tenth of a tenth, or a hundredth, of the present forces.

How does globalization affect you and me?

Within this context, if qualified applicants are not available in the United States, the choice is to transfer jobs offshore or try to import immigrants with the skills needed. These workers with essential core skills are the ones who keep corporations functioning.

This has led to a greater appreciation of other cultures and viewpoints in some companies, while irritating some employees who prefer a less culturally diverse work environment. We can predict that whether the advanced technology be in the field of information, energy, environment, transportation, genetic engineering, oceanography, weather control, or whatever else, governmental response will lag behind the technological advance.

With this said, I need to get my Masters or I will be left in the dust by my competitors. As greater responsibility is given to workers or worker teams to manage quality control, make decisions about work processes, and share electronically transmitted information relevant to tasks for which they are responsible, it is likely that positions in middle management or senior management will be reduced in number.In essence, the rapidity and intensity of change in the language and organization of work reflected in emerging career paths suggest new realities in the relationships between globalization and careers.

The new book 'STRETCH' details how globalization, technologies, demographic shifts, and other trends will shape tomorrow's workplace. These 7 Trends Will Shape Your Professional Future Subscribe. Mar 29,  · How will globalization affect our future?

Could an ankle tattoo affect my future career? How does globalization affect our lifestyle? More questions. Do tattoos affect my career or future? Which among the PAST, PRESENT & the FUTURE affects your decisions in LIFE the most?Status: Resolved.

Get an answer for 'How does globalization affect you and me?' and find homework help for other Business questions at eNotes. This paper will discuss the challenges that face the energy industry, which is my future career, due to globalization.

Problems of Globalization in the future of the Energy Industry. One of the main problems that globalization has caused to the energy industry is energy security.

Globalization and Careers

Energy security refers to the availability of sufficient, cheap. Issue Analyses How Globalization Will Affect My Future Career Problem/Issue Definition With Globalization along with outsourcing, my career in life is going to change big time. More and more jobs are being outsourced to other countries every day.

How globalization will affect my future career
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