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As opposed to—what—a normal violent video game? The basis of the Bill of Rights was a set of unbending, absolute, freedoms that we are given to by God. Banning flag desecration on account of the threat to public order is the prohibition of an otherwise lawful act for the reason that others will commit crimes in response.

As states have been added to our Union, stars are added to represent them.

Flag Burning Should Be Prohibited

The Supreme Court vote was a narrow one, It will reinstate respect for the flag as one of the guiding principles of our nation. To fail to protect the flag demeans it, he said. In fact, such laws would likely be outside the realm of Supreme court appeal, after the amendment has been made specifically to justify them constitutionally.

Free speech can of course be restricted. Are we to turn into criminals everyone who carries a gun, sell off the property of someone just because he is accused of dealing in drugs, or allow police to freely charge through the home of private citizens without a warrant or with a warrant of questionable or generalized search provisions?

Free speech does of course sustain democracy. The measure went on to the Senate Judiciary Committee where it was approved on July 20th, This, by design, allows legislative bodies across the country create laws that prohibit people from desecrating the Flag of the United States.

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It's a conservative document in the era of social welfare states. Moreover, the purpose of free speech protection is not limited to the exchange of ideas.

If this amendment passes, it would be the first time in America's history when a person could go to Wal-mart and purchase an item he could never legally destroy. If a law is passed which says I can't, I'll be the first one taking a match to the stars and stripes.

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These rights, to quote an early draft of the Declaration of Independence, are truths which are "sacred and undeniable. Flag burning debate essay paper 4 stars based on 34 reviews. Further, the purpose of a protest is to cause the outrage that might unfortunately result in a breach of peace.

Expression includes both conduct and speech.

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Yes, it is an expression which we may find unthinkable and extremely demeaning to our values, but it IS an act of speech, protected by the First Amendment. It is not necessary to condone the actions of an audience that might physically assault the protestor. You DON'T have the right to keep me from owning a rifle, because you'd be initiating the use of force to do that.

Hatch blamed Clinton for the amendment's defeat and said it will be introduced again. Flag burning is not speech but an unnecessary and offensive act of vandalism. The assumption informing this form of protest is that the flag represents national ideals and that these ideals usually require respect.

To find a location near you, just call Western Union at and give their operator your postal zip code. The national flag is a symbol of nationhood and national unity that ought to be protected from abuseBelow is an essay on "Flag Burning & Free Speech" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Essay, Research Paper: Flag Desecration

Flag Burning & Free Speech Flag burning became a political issue during the Republican National Convention in Dallas, Texas during Ronald Reagan’s renomination for. This notion, Scalia noted, was somewhat comical: The only reason to burn an American flag is to express discontent with America, so by banning flag-burning, Texas was stifling anti-American.

The case was decided 5 to 4. Chief Justice Rehnquist wrote the main dissenting opinion For more than years, the American flag has occupied a unique position as the symbol of our Nation, a uniqueness that justifies a governmental prohibition against flag burning in.

It has been held by the United States Supreme Court that burning an American flag as means of expression or peaceful political protest is an act that is fully protected under the first amendment.

Flag burning in the United States should not be permitted. The flag should be respected by the citizens of this country and treated well. It does not drag the floor when one walks with it; it does not fly in the rain; it does not fly after the seams are ripped and the colors are faded; and.

The Flag Desecration Amendment, also known as the Flag Burning Amendment, is a very controversial Amendment allowed under the Constitution.

This Amendment states that the United States Congress has to allow the expression of political views even if it is through the burning of the United States Flag.

Anti flag burning essay
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